Sunday, April 29, 2012

1906 San Francisco in Ruins - Zoomable!

Man, I hate to bring folks down, but take a look at this - the USGS has rephotographed George Lawrence's famous photo of the ruins of San Fran taken just a few weeks after the famously apocolyptic 1906 earthquake.  Super high resolution and completely zoomable, it is really a pretty amazing piece of work.  

The picture, zoomed out, looks thusly:

 But, zoomed in:


Pretty awesome stuff, and kind of hard to comprehend the complete destruction.  Anyway, you can find the image and info regarding how it was updated and digitized here.


Rosanda said...

Seeing this devastation of a city, partly reminds me of the the aftermass of the earthquake in the 70's with the city of Pasadena. For many months, there were major throughways that could not be used because of the destruction. Freeways that offered commuters the opportunities to travel from LA to Pasadena effortlessly were in rubbles. Remembering the city then and looking at how it has been reconstructed is amazing. My only thoughts are that we have not experienced anything of that magnitude, probably since the earth quake in Northern Ca in the 80's. Im sure with all of the seismic activity all around us, it is only a matter of time before another major shift presents itself in the mid California areas

Tim Shey said...

In December of 2006, I had a dream about a Las Vegas earthquake:

"Las Vegas Earthquake"

Unknown said...

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Sean Luke said...

This was the photo scene that became the witness of that past history. The zoomed picture really scared everyone. In 21st century the shifting process of plate tectonics and fault has increased dramatically. It happened in subduction zones. The most dangerous earthquake zone is in the strike-slip and thrust fault. The page is about earthquakes in the seismic zones.

Unknown said...

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