Thursday, July 30, 2009

Field Pictures

Gotta get a post in before July vanishes! I've been out fieldin' it up in Wyoming since mid-June or so, which has resulted in a SHOCKING lack of updates; luckily for me, the geoblogosphere gets pretty quiet come the summertime, which I choose to interpret as evidence for Milankovitch cyclicity as an allogenic forcer on the internet. THERE IS NO OTHER VIABLE INTERPRETATION.

Anyway, thought I'd just post up a quick few pictures of the pretty scenery out West; maybe at the end of the field season I'll put some sed/strat specific pictures up, but these ones below are more of your "Gosh-golly-geewilikers! Purty!" type of pictures.

This first picture (below) shows the Green River Formation (Eocene); the yellowish-tan stuff at the base of the cliff is the Tipton, while the white-colored interval (shot through with some pretty rad brown sandstone) are the Wilkins Peak Member (that's my baby). The river in the background is the Green, making the Flaming Gorge Recreation Area behind a dam.

This next picture is Exhibit #34591 in the continuing series "Rocks That Have Been Shaped Into Rude And Amusing Shapes"; its a pinnacle made up of the volcaniclastic-rich deltas of the Sand Butte Bed, which marks the fillin' in of Eocene Lake Gosiute. On the topo maps of the area, this feature is referred to as "South Chimney Butte"; the Locals have another name for it.

This picture is of the Green River Formation, expressed on the EASTERN side of the Rock Springs Arch, sort of near(ish) to the town of Wamsutter. The red-n-green funtime strata are alluvial and fluvial strata of the Cathedral Bluffs Member (equivalent to the Wilkins Peak on the West flank of the Arch), while the lakey lookin' white tannish/whitish stuff in the Laney Member of the Green River Fm.

Finally, here's a picture of a Hawk that was yelling at me for a good couple of hours. I must have been taking paleocurrents in it's living room, since there was a huge nest not to far away from where this picture was taken.

All right, back to the Field!