Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Time to step up, Candidates

I just got one of them there "automated e-mails" through the tubes from the ScienceDebate 2008 folks. Seems like they have set a date for the debate (April 18), a place (Philadelphia), and have invited the current batch of candidates, who of course have yet to respond. As a reminder, the Science Debate 2008 crowd are trying to organize a debate for the candidates focused on issues of science and technology in America. This is something we desperately need, given the fact that our current pres. is a barely literate baboon who has refused to allow stem cell funding, believes in an all-father sky deity, and denies evolution. IF you haven’t signed up yet, go to immediately and GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

As I said above, the various camps haven’t yet responded, apparently. Hopefully they'll get on and agree; this ain't no small time debate. It has considerable names, including Nobel laureates and leaders of the scientific communities, large national science societies, and many of the major research universities in the country. Can you imagine Huckabee in this things? Or how about good ol' McCain, trying to walk a tightrope between his various camps, all the while hoping to win over the dumbasses in the Bible Belt. We have a word for that: rad.

Rad as hell.

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