Sunday, April 20, 2008

Expelled Exposed

Just a quick break from the Death Valley posting (calm down, calm down; the alluvial fans will be posted soon; you people are insatiable!).

As many of you know, ol' Ben Stein (the man who, single-handedly, tried to save us all from red, scratchy eyes) has recently come out with a piece of creationist filth called "Exposed".  Apparently, one of the highlights of the film is a ponderously paced explanation about how people who accept evolution (you know, smart people) are worse than Nazis.  Apparently people were only ever killed in an organized, large-scale fashion AFTER 1859; who knew?

Anyway, Eugenie Scott, of the National Center of Science Education and a tireless warrior for Reason, has spearheaded the creation of a website debunked all the IDiotic bullshit promulgated by the film.  I have linked to their site "Expelled Exposed" under my Earth Science Resources list in the margin, but I'll also drop it in right here:

I would strongly suggest we weary blogonauts ALL link to this website.  I'm just a simply, country field geologist,but I think that the way the internets works is that, if we all link something, its position in the Google hierarchy goes up, which might result in the debunking site coming up first in a google search for the movie.  Which would be rad, by the way.

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Bryan said...

You are correct that this is one way the inter-tubes work.

It has been suggested, however, that instead of linking to the expelled exposed website as "expelled exposed" (also known as the logical way) we link it as "expelled".

This will raise it above "expelled:no intelligence" in the search engines view. And will appear higher in the queue when people do a search for expelled.

Plus, the website itself is pretty neat.