Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sarah Palin - Dinosaur Rider

Ron Numbers, a scholar who studies the History of Science and Religion, and author of The Creationists, has a pretty nifty little assessment of Palin's creationist bullshit.



Terrell K. Williams said...

I don't know bout this, I seen them Flintstones Documentaries. Ole Fred was a riding around on them Dinosaurs!! I bet Fred and Wilma was on Noah's Ark too.

Quantum_Flux said...

You might find this amusing then:

Thomas Jefferson Paleontologist

"the entire basis of his beliefs about paleontology were mistaken since he denied that any animal species could ever become extinct. 'Such is the economy of nature, that in no instance can be produced her having permitted any race of her animals to become extinct.' (As cited in Curtis, 1901). It is this reasoning which allowed Jefferson to put forth the theory that there was a large herd of mammoths wandering wild in the Mississippi Valley and one of the reasons he sponsored expeditions to the West. "

....I believe that is why he told Lewis and Clark to "watch out for mastodons". (okay, I know, how dare I make that comparison right!? I don't know why, I just find it impulsive to defend this pro-oil Alaskan governor/oil-tycoon chick whose face belongs on the $15 bill I guess.)

Eric said...

At least Jefferson was a Deist, which is a step towards agnostism, which is just down the lane from true Atheism. Palin's a young-earth, witchcraft-fightin, Rapture-ready moron.

I will say this, though: she is very high functioning, given her limitations and extra chromosomes.

Quantum_Flux said...

Well, I'm accustomed to people believing crazy things, everybody I went to grade school with thinks I'm some kind of evil demon or something just because I "don't understand the Bible". However, I understand the Bible more than they do, and reject it on the grounds that miracles make about as much sense as perpetual motion (energy out of thin air) or our nationalized federal banking system (money value created out of loan-debt), if not even less sense.

Actually, even worse than creationism is all the socialist miracles that Obama proposes to make happen out of thin air (yeah, sure, he won't tax the middle class, go ahead and believe that will you).

Eric said...

I don't mind taxes, so long as they are appropriately spent.

And the whole creationism thing doesn't exist in a vacuum, you know: it is symptomatic of a larger suite of ridiculous madnesses she is afflicted with. She believes we're livin' in the end times. You think that ain't gonna "inform" her decisions, like maybe nukin' Iran so Sweet Baby Jesus will come down to kill all the Jews and take away the faithful?

Trust me mate, she's a nut-job.

And on the Jefferson point you made a couple of posts back: at least Jefferson understood the science of his day. Palin, meanwhile, is rockin' some Middle Ages Torquemada shit.

Quantum_Flux said...
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Eric said...

I'm intrigued by the comment deletion, quantum...

Quantum_Flux said...

Does it have to come to this!? If it's between Iran or the US, well, there's a reason why there is a button in the first place. In some instances, a few pounds of Uranium can be worth $700 billion in Gold. Hahahaha, our banks are essentially Monopoly money at this point. It's only terrorism when the other guys drop the A-bomb on us, but not the other way around.

Ugh, why did I say that!? Maybe there's another way out that doesn't involve pushing the button or slavery for US citizens.