Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night Scarlet Fever...Catch It!

Alright Cats and Kittens; we are rapidly approaching Zero Hour. I hope all my fellow secret muslim marxists out there are ready for their mandatory abortions at their respective gay-marriage/Obama victory party combo events.

Of course, Brian over at Clastic Detritus is quick to splash some cold water on our fervent optimism, and not without good reason. If there's one thing the Republicans have shown themselves adept at, it's the subversion of Democracy and the rule of Law to support their own fascist policies. That's why I took the time today to procure two things: celebratory beer AND a couple of gallons of good ol' fashioned riotin' gasoline.

Anyway, as we await The Results, here's some Sarah Palin hilarity for you guys. The gist of the little story is that Sarah Palin is very disappointed in the blogosphere, which has just treated her so unfairly, gosh-darnit!

And here is a handy dandy little accumulation of all of the ridiculous videos of Sarah Palin doing stupid things, including Getting Blessed By A Witch Hunter, the "I Read All Of Em" nonsense, and my personal favorite, the Bush Doctrine Explanation.

Man, I am not gonna miss her, let me tell you...

See ya'll Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

I'm a mess ... the anxiety is killing me ... having a job that has me at desk with two monitors and access to the internet on election day is not good ... I made myself anxious all day reading about voting problems! Ahhh!