Monday, March 16, 2009

Revenge of The Son of Meme!

Another hellish meme has been unleashed upon the unsuspecting geoweboblogonetosphere, bringing with it interminable link-backs and crushing despair. Oh well! This particular viral meme (classified as a Level VI List-Maker Meme on the Abradoff Scale by the CDC) is described (based on the experience of the first reported victim) as: “What are ten things that every geology major ought to know about? The only restriction is you're not allowed to list anything that has already been listed by a previous geoblogger. You don't have to list everything, just ten important things.”

Well, when in Kalaupapa, do as the lepers do, I guess! Here's my List of The Ten Things Every Major Should Know About Geology:

1. Hydraulic Geometry: this concept relates fluvial discharge to slope, channel width, channel depth, and velocity, and explicitly shows how delicate adjustments in one can result in changes in the others.

2. Paleocurrent indicators, and how to describe, interpret, and measure them (especially from trough axes)!

3. What are Froude and Reynold's Numbers, and what do they mean!?!

4. That a lithofacies is the sum of all textural, sedimentary structural, and lithological attributes that uniquely defines a given lithosome, and how THIS DIFFERS from a depositional environment model.

5. The basic sedimentary basin types (i.e., retroarc forelands, forearc, etc), and what subsidence patterns generally define them.

6. Why there are locks on the Panama Canal (the Geoid!)

7. The difference between lithostratigraphy and chronostratigraphy

8. How to draw a Wheeler Diagram

9. The timing and location of the major orogenies

10. Walther's Law

Whew! That was a hard one, since the early-birds already took all the EASY ones...I reckon that by the time this little contagion has passed on, we'll have some pretty esoteric lists of expectations for the next generation of geo-scientists, huh?

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Jeannette said...

Excellent list, from a seddie point of view. If I had a penny for every time someone misused/abused 'facies' and 'lithofacies', I would be vacationing with AIG execs. And drawing a Wheeler Diagram is a rite of passage that every student should embrace! As we affectionately say in our lab, "Lacuna Matata - - it's a way of life..."