Sunday, March 29, 2009

USGS Photo Library

Being out in the Southwest always makes me think about the O.G. (Original Geologists) who totally went out there Hammers-a-blazin', rockin' it Old School Style, nearly gettin' killed left and right, and all that sort of fun stuff. We can all agree that they were badass, but did you know they were also awfully photogenic? IT'S TRUE!

The USGS has a pretty slick on-line library of old photographs of ALL sorts of things, including some totally rad shots of famous geologists in the field. Now, most pictures of modern geologists look pretty silly; if you don't belive me, take a look at any Geology Dept's website. Profs, Grads,'s a well-known scientific fact that they all look pretty goofy! But man, look at ol' One-Armed Powell, there, looking rad and hanging out with a Paiute Cheif! How's that for a slick facebook picture!

Seriously, how's that for a slick picture?

Here he is again!

POWELL: "What's up, my Paiute Friend? I'm a kick-ass geologist! Wanna go cruise around the desert, get some brews, and pick up chicks?"
PAIUTE: "Awwwwww yeah!" *fist bump*
HORSE: "Neigh."

And look at this one! Powell in traditional Paiute gear! Dirty Hippie!


Unknown said...

Great post. "Dirty hippie", what a hoot. And why are all those geology faculty web pages so sad? We've got pocket digital cameras, and whoever took these photos had to haul around big glass plates!

Monado said...

I dunno. That third one looks a bit like a marriage ceremony to me. What were those O.G.'s getting up to?

Steve, I was totally amazed to find out that the photographer on the Shackleton expedition actually dived into the Antarctic water to rescue some of his plates when their ship was caught and then crushed by the ice. I would have let them go down with the ship.

Great pictures!