Thursday, April 30, 2009

Walpurgisnacht Madness!

Did you know it's Walpurgisnacht today!?! Like Halloween, today (and tonight) is supposed to be a particularly dangerous time, in regards to ghosts and witches and general weirdness bleeding through into our "reality-based" world. I'm a sucker for tradition, so in honor of this spooky time, I though I'd share something insane with everyone:

Read THIS and then THIS.

Actually, I might ought to warn you, the first link up there has some...uncomfortable moments. Everyone always brings up the cliche of the car wreck ("can't help but look"), but those links up there? The story linked above isn't so much of a car wreck as it is...a schoolbus-full-of-Hospital-visitation-clowns-that drove-off-of-a-cliff-and-into-the-Large-Hadron-Collider sort of wreck. That sort of thing. You can't help but look!

Anyway, to sum up the insanity here, Neal Horsely is the Georgia Gubernatorial candidate and head of "The Creator Rights Party", which is everything it sounds like. Standard issue wackjob crazy Creationist, with the whole "literal bible, hyper-conservative, anti-fun" sort of stance. Nothing new there. He wants Georgia to secede from the Union so it can live in a more biblically-inspired (i.e., insane) way, ostensibly with him at the helm. He's violently anti-abortion (he's the one who set up the "Nuremburg Files", which listed abortion doctors' phone numbers and addresses), and has contacts with that whole insane group of doctor-murdering "Christians" that we used to hear so much about.

And he has admitted to having sex with a Mule, so there's that.

Frankly, for these sort of ultra-conservative radicals, it sounds like everyday is Walpurgisnacht!

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Bryan said...

In regards to the first link...
didn't you spend some of your formative years on a farm in Georgia, so by Neal's reasoning...

Also, you gotta love a candidate whose platform is "elect me, and we'll all die at the hands of the military. Alamo style!"

Happy Walpurgesundheit!